Langley Real Estate

Langley real estate is very attractive to those who are looking to move to British Columbia, Canada’s western-most province. In fact, Langley has been called the birthplace of British Columbia, as the community is home to its namesake Fort Langley.

The historic site was the center of the local fur trade in the mid 1800s. Established by a company called the Hudson Bay Company, Fort Langley was the site where settlers traded with the First Nations of the West Coast. Over the years, the business grew and it ultimately led to the establishment of the colony that would become modern day BC.

Nestled amidst the Vancouver metro region, Langley is a wonderful suburban community for those who wish to work in the city during the day, while retreating back to the quiet and peacefulness of suburbia at night. This makes Langley real estate some of the most sought-after properties in the Fraser Valley region.

Langley real estate features a blend of old, historic homes and new, modern construction, so there’s a blend of property styles to choose from. What’s more, the region is extremely popular among tourists for its natural beauty. Local residents get to enjoy the temperate weather and incredible natural beauty year round!